Help for RDSB's Password Utility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. What is my username?

A. Staff usernames are made up of the first 6 letters of the last name + the first letter of the first name. Student usernames consist of the first 4 letters of the last name + the last 4 digits of the Rainbow student number(not OEN)

Q. I'm stuck on the username/birthday screen. Who can help me out?

A. Staff should contact Dave Kitching ext. 7251. Students should talk to a teacher.

Q. I can't validate a security question.

A. Try a different question. If all questions fail, the information we have in the system might be outdated. Staff should contact HR. Students should talk to someone in the main office.

Q. Why does my password expire after 365 days?

A. For security purposes, all passwords expire after 365 days.

Q. When does the change of my password take effect?

A. Immediately. As soon as your password is changed, it changes both Trillium and GAFE passwords are updated.

Q. Why have I been redirected the main page?

A. Once you verify your username and birthday (DOB), you have 5 minutes to complete the process otherwise you are redirected to the main page.


Student username format = first 4 letters from lastname + last 4 numbers from student number (not OEN)

Security questions

Four options are available

      Enter the last 4 digits of your OEN number

      Enter your locker combination (3 digits)

      Enter your Health Card Number (first 10 digits, exclude 2 ending letters)

      Enter your Postal Code (6 characters, alternating number then letter)

if one is not working for you please try one of other three options.


Staff username format = first 6 letters from lastname + first letter from firstname

Security questions

One option available

      Enter the last 4 digits of your SIN number